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MHDC Quality Measures Specification

Quality Measures Specification, Version 1.1.0

Release Notes:

v1.1.0 is a backwards compatible update that primarily fixes issues found during implementation and clarifies usage descriptions in v1.0.3 that some users found confusing or insufficient. It also adds a few additional supported values for race and ethnicity matching those used in the US Core Implementation Guide that stands in for the USCDI requirements in the CMS-mandated clinical data exchanges. In addition, it adds support for an optional summary file indicating how many rows are in each included data group file and an option to upload content in a zip file provided its internal directory structure and file naming matches the rules outlined in the specification. It includes other minor additions and expanded documentation, most notably documentation on how to handle null data within constituent components of the patientID and a change to the definition of diagnoses and their reported date (technically not entirely backwards compatible but no one was actively using the mechanisms outlined in previous versions of the spec and the change was deemed necessary).

For a complete list of all changes, please consult the v1.1.0 change log (pdf).

Quality Measures Specification, Version 1.0.3

Release Notes:

v1.0.3 changes the name of the specification to Quality Measures Project Specification and provides a new feedback email address, quality_spec@mahealthdata.org, removes the logo from the specification until such time as it can be properly rendered, and fixes the numbering of ID components as well as a couple of other typos.

It also introduces a new Quality Measures Reference Card to use in conjunction with the specification meant to be a portable, printable list of available data groups and their fields. It does not replace the specifications discussion of these elements which remains the gold standard definition both payers and providers should meet. 

Quality Measures Specification, Version 1.0.0

Document Files (Released: Dec 31, 2019):

Release Notes:

This is a version 1 specification meant to allow people to start using the process defined within; this version should reflect all of the changes and updates discussed during the review meetings.  

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