• 24 Sep 2019
    • 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
    • MHDC Offices and Online

    Embracing Medical Scribing to  Increase Revenue and Decrease Physician Burnout


    Physicians spend about 50% of their time documenting patient visits and only 27% with direct patient care.  Physician burnout leads to unhappy physicians and patients, poor physician performance, and a strain on the medical practice as these physicians can create unproductive, stressful environments.

    A study published in JAMA Dermatology followed the implementation of a scribe program over 12 months in a large dermatology practice.  The findings included a 50% reduction in documenting time, a willingness by 79% of physicians to increase their patient volumes, and a 7.7% increase in revenue. 

    In this session, Andrea Caliri, M.D.,  MindLeaf Medical Consultant and

    John Kemp, M.D., Subject Matter Expert – Virtual Scribes will:

    •  Describe the pros and cons of physical, virtual and dictation scribing options
    • Discuss how to determine which scribing solutions are the best fit for your practice
    • Explain how scribing can reduce physician burnout by improving work-life balance
    • Discuss how you can increase your physician productivity and return-on-investment by increasing the number of patients seen per hour
    • Provide you with a medical scribe options calculator that will help you identify the annual cost savings from each type of scribing solution.
    • 01 Oct 2019
    • 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
    • MHDC Offices and Online

    Insights Generator:

    A Healthcare Market Insights Platform

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    • The competitive landscape for healthcare payers and providers continues to become more difficult to navigate.   Leaders must make high-stakes decisions related to strategic growth opportunities, aligning investments and services to changing demographic patterns, maximizing utilization of physicians and locations, or managing a portfolio of aging assets and infrastructure, but many times must do so without access to trustworthy, data-backed insights. Tremendous time and expense are dedicated to gaining insights that are critical to the strategic growth and viability of organizations. 

      Point B’s Healthcare Market Insights tool is built on a customizable analytics platform – Insights Generator – that puts the product roadmap in the hands of our clients, enabling the quick delivery of insights that are tailored fit to their needs.  The tool integrates public and proprietary datasets seamlessly and puts intuitive, actionable insights in the hands of your decision makers.  Previous clients have estimated that this tool has decreased their scenario planning and competitive analysis efforts by as much as 95%.


      Alex Chang, Principal, Point B Technology

    • 19+ years of experience in business strategy and technology transformation to drive business outcomes.
    •          Lead architect and developer of Point B’s Healthcare Market Insights  analytics platform.
    •         Experience developing and instilling data and analytics capabilities   across retail, healthcare, and financial services organizations with   emphasis on results orientation and a partnership mentality.
    •         Successfully led initiatives in data strategy, customer insights, retail product insights, campaign, and promotion analytics, payer claims analytics, commercialization and market analytics, and precision medicine.

    Greg Gardner, Practice Director, New England, Point B

    •          20 + years of experience leading technology, process and strategic         projects both nationally and internationally         
    •          Extensive experience delivering successful cross-functional initiatives in payer, provider, and life sciences organizations. 
    •        Deep expertise in IT Strategy, complex program design, risk management, and PMO development.

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