Dr. Neel Shah on NPR: comments on C-section study

23 Feb 2018 2:23 PM | Deleted user

Dr. Neel Shah, former Eliot Stone intern, has been working to reduce unnecessary C-sections, and is quoted in this NPR segment.  Dr. Shah is speaking at MHDC on "System Complexity and the Challenge of Too Much Medicine" on March 15.

Neel Shah, an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School and a leader in the movement to reduce unnecessary C-sections, praised the study as "a remarkable paper — novel, ambitious, and provocative." He said licensed midwives could be used to solve shortages of maternity care that disproportionately affect rural and low-income mothers, many of them women of color. "Growing our workforce, including both midwives and obstetricians, and then ensuring we have a regulatory environment that facilitates integrated, team-based care are key parts of the solution," he said.

Read the full NPR story here.