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01 Apr 2021 11:54 AM | Lin Li (Administrator)

As of today, April 1, the New England Healthcare Exchange Network (NEHEN) has merged with MHDC.

In 1994, MHDC formed the Affiliated Health Information Networks of New England (AHINE). MHDC established AHINE to advance the use of information technology in improving the health status of the citizens of Massachusetts. AHINE served as a forum for the IT leadership of regional providers and payers and members of the healthcare IT service and product community to discuss common issues, share experiences, sponsor conferences, and develop white papers on current topics. AHINE enabled the regional IT leadership to develop close and effective working relationships, a critical contributor to that leadership's willingness to engage in the mutual development of NEHEN. In 1998, AHINE incorporated as NEHEN, a collaboration among payers and providers using a shared insurance EDI infrastructure to exchange transactions. In many ways, NEHEN set the standard that MHDC upholds today – that collaboration among payers and providers in advancing shared data and technology priorities will achieve superior results, reduce costs substantially, and produce solutions that work for all. Before NEHEN, MHDC was a central data collection, dissemination, education, research, and analysis organization. AHINE, and then NEHEN, taught us a lot about how to collaborate effectively. With the merger, MHDC becomes a health data services partner for payers, providers, and patients. By assisting our community in advancing to a 21st century health data economy, we reduce our members' exposure to the risks of failing to comply with regulations as well as reduce investments in redundant and costly technologies and implementations that fail to meet their goals. We promulgate standards, engage industry leaders, and move as a group toward the common goal of a patient-centered health data system. MHDC's founder, Elliot Stone, envisioned MHDC achieving these goals and, were he alive today, I think he would be thrilled with the progress we have made. I know I am.

Be safe, and stay well.

Denny Brennan, Executive Director

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