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Spotlight Analytics

Spotlight Analytics

MHDC offers Spotlight Analytics as a complete health data analysis service available to payers, providers, and industry associations. Spotlight Analytics, developed by HBI Solutions, Inc., provides web-based access to a host of predefined and user-customized analyses of Massachusetts and Rhode Island historical data (hospital inpatient, emergency department, and observations stays) with Spotlight Business and onsite surveillance risk with current administrative and clinical data with Spotlight Clinical.

Current Data Release Schedule:
Expected Release Date
Actual Release Date

CHIA (MA) Hospital Inpatient Discharge Data  FY19 (HIDD)

CHIA (MA) Emergency Department Discharge Data  FY19 (ED)

CHIA (MA) Outpatient and Observation Data  FY19 (OOD)

RIDOH (RI) Hospital Inpatient Discharge Data FY19 (HDD)

July 2020

August 2020

October 2020

June 2020

Jul 27 & Oct 13 

Aug 12 & Oct 2

MHDC has received the CHIA Inpatient Data FY19 and is in the process of loading it

MHDC has received all files now for RI HDD FY19 and is in the process of loading it

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