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Spotlight Analytics

MHDC offers Spotlight Analytics as a complete health data analysis service available to payers, providers, and industry associations. Spotlight Analytics, developed by HBI Solutions, Inc., provides web-based access to a host of predefined and user-customized analyses of Massachusetts and Rhode Island historical data (hospital inpatient, emergency department, and observations stays) and real-time clinical and administrative data.

Spotlight CM for Case Mix Data

Spotlight CM is a complete health data analysis platform for Massachusetts and Rhode Island inpatient discharges, emergency room visits (MA only), and observations stays (MA only).

Spotlight CM supports analyses of market share, patient origin, disease prevalence, cost of care and comparative costs and outcomes for every acute care hospital in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

  • Spotlight spares users the complexity of acquiring data from the Center for Health Information and Analysis (CHIA). No data use agreements, no data governance plans, no applications.
  • Spotlight provides immediate access to both predefined and user-designed analyses. No data clean-up, no database design and management, no IT support.
  • Spotlight incorporates user-defined service lines, service areas, and other groupings not available in source data sets. These groupings speed results and ensure accuracy and consistency.
  • Spotlight combines power, flexibility, and ease of use. Users can manipulate numerous data dimensions to produce a broad array of measures.

With Spotlight CM, health care organizations can:

  • Identify sources of variation in the cost of care to manage clinical resource utilization and refer patient to more appropriately-priced services
  • Better understand sources of variation in outcomes to improve patient outcomes, better coordinate care and inform at-risk reimbursement strategies
  • Target the incidence and variation of disease across geography and patient demographics to allocate clinical and financial resources to populations with the greatest needs and to improve population health
  • Understand health services market share to better target services to underserved geographic areas and patient populations

Spotlight RTA for Real-Time Analysis

Spotlight RTA combines Spotlight Analytics with the Spotlight Healthcare Data Platform™ and Spotlight Healthcare Risk Models™ to capture, analyze and present real-time and predictive clinical information.

The Spotlight Healthcare Data Platform™ includes pre-built extract, transfer, and load solutions, a healthcare data model, and data marts and cubes designed to inform and solve healthcare quality and cost problems.

The platform integrates source data from clinical, financial, operational, and claims systems to provide a single relational view of patient and enterprise data. This includes HL7 feeds from EHR transaction systems, 837 feeds from provider and physician billing systems, and Claim and Claims Line Feed (CCLF) files for ACOs

Spotlight RTA applies Enterprise Master Person Identifiers, fact abstraction via Natural Language Processing, and data nomenclature standardization to ICD10, SNOMED, LOINC, and RXNORM terms.

Spotlight Healthcare Risk Models™ predict future utilization, cost, mortality, and disease within a population. These scores are updated in real-time using clinical data, in addition to administrative claims data. 

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