FUNdamentals of Data Analysis and Statistics  for Healthcare Professionals

27 Aug 2018 4:30 PM | Deleted user

FUNdamentals of Data Analysis and Statistics

for Healthcare Professionals

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Kathy Rowell and her team put on some great events at the Consortium! 

Here's one you should not miss, at her own office at HealthDataViz. 

This is a full-day workshop ... see below for details.

As you can see from the photos above, we put the fun back in 

FUNdamentals of Data Analysis and Statistics!

And why shouldn't this one-day workshop be fun? It's for healthcare 

professionals, not healthcare statisticians!

Most of all, it's about learning how to use the kind of fundamental 

statistics encountered by health and healthcare professionals 

every day (sometimes twice a day).

And it even includes a special segment with Claire Kelley, 

a guest lecturer from American Institutes for Research

who will be discussing Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Click here for complete details and registration

Fundamentals of Data Analysis and Statistics for Healthcare Professionals

September 19, 2018 | Wellesley, MA. Featuring a special segment with Claire Kelley, 

guest lecturer from American Institutes for Researchwho will be discussing 

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, this effective one-day workshop will 

cover exploratory, confirmatory, and qualitative data analysis, and their use with 

the fundamental statistics healthcare professionals encounter every day. 

The workshop will enable you to understand about how your data was developed; 

confer both the ability and the confidence to challenge it when necessary; 

and give you the skills to interpret it correctly and present it in a 

clear and compelling way.

Kathy Rowell
Co-Founder and Principal
HealthDataViz, LLC

Massachusetts Health Data Consortium
460 Totten Pond Road | Suite 690
Waltham, Massachusetts 02451

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