4medica Joins Massachusetts Health Data Consortium

30 Nov 2017 12:35 PM | Deleted user

MARINA DEL REY, Calif., Nov. 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- 4medica announced today that it has joined the Massachusetts Health Data Consortium (MHDC), one of the most active non-profits in the nation dedicated to leveraging data and technology to improve health outcomes. 4medica joins the association as an executive member whose expertise in clinical data integration, along with large-scale, accurate patient identity matching, will be of particular value for MHDC's focus on speeding the exchange and sharing of data between providers and payers in 2018.

"As an organization that is committed to bringing in the best thinking around the country, we are delighted to welcome 4medica to the Massachusetts Health Data Consortium. We look forward to the insight 4medica leaders will bring to our members and health technology leaders, for whom health data exchange and interoperability are top priorities," said Denny Brennan, Executive Director, Massachusetts Health Data Consortium.

Brennan added that the company's solutions also address these member objectives. "4medica's innovative and cloud-based eMPI and clinical data exchange capabilities enable healthcare organizations of all sizes to leapfrog more costly and time-consuming on-premises solutions," he noted.

What's driving the hunger for health information

Now that America's health records have been largely digitized, the next phase is to combine this clinical information with claims and other data sources in order to glean insights that lower our national healthcare bill while raising overall quality of care. States have varied in their progress here, with Massachusetts emerging as an undeniable trailblazer. Today, almost all contracted physicians in the state work under value-based or risk-based contracts. Further, Massachusetts hospitals will be seeing significant increases in the number of patients under risk-based contracts.

In order for these contracts to succeed, providers and payers must be able to access, share and make use of large troves of patient data. 4medica fits well in this landscape with certain key capabilities. First, via its clinical data exchange solution, 4medica can offer access to a fuller, timely picture of patient health than mere claims data can. Second, 4medica can assure this picture is about the right patient, with its powerfully accurate patient identity matching technology that processes millions of identities in seconds.

"The Massachusetts Healthcare Data Consortium really gets that data is indispensable for healthcare today, especially the ability to share data about patients inside and outside of the hospital. Their charter and mission mirror our own vision to improve healthcare, so we really look forward to demonstrating our value to their members--not just as a software company, but as a mentor in the value-based era," concluded Gregg Church, President, 4medica.

About MHDC

Since 1978, the Massachusetts Health Data Consortium (MHDC), a not-for-profit corporation, remains the trusted and objective facilitator of health information and technology transformation among payers, providers, industry associations, state and federal agencies, individuals and technology and services companies. The Consortium is the oldest organization of its kind in the country.

Founded by the Commonwealth's major public and private healthcare organizations and chartered by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, MHDC strives to improve the quality and cost effectiveness of healthcare through:

  • Rigorous and accessible health data analyses,
  • Education and leadership development; and
  • Trusted, objective and effective convening of the Commonwealth's health information community in advancing multi-stakeholder collaborations.

To join the Consortium, or for more membership info, visit us at http://www.mahealthdata.org/.

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