AI=ROI: How AI Drives Health Outcomes and Tangible ROI in Healthcare

  • 08 Sep 2022
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

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AI=ROI: How AI Drives Health Outcomes and Tangible ROI in Healthcare


AI isn’t just the future of healthcare, it’s here today and driving improved outcomes and real impact.  Hear how different healthcare organizations are creating and deploying AI-based models in days-to-weeks, not months-to-years and using it to power healthcare innovations that range from reducing unplanned admissions and serious fall-related injuries to mitigating adverse drug events and emergency dialysis starts

Topics will include measuring tangible ROI for predictive systems, creating explainable AI, addressing algorithmic bias, and overcoming the deployment challenges of machine learning models.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn what it means for AI to be explainable and how you can tell which data sources (claims, Social Factors, EHR, Patient Reported, etc.) are the most valuable in predicting health outcomes.
  • Learn how to assess models for algorithmic bias and what you can do to keep bias from creeping into your models.
  • Learn how predictive analytics are being incorporated into daily workflows (e.g., clinical decision support, care management, etc.) to drive improved outcomes, enhanced revenue, and reduced costs.



Carol McCall, Chief Health Analytics Officer Dave DeCaprio, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

Carol McCall, Chief Health Analytics Officer

(Left) Carol McCall, FSA, MAAA, MPH, has 30 years of experience as a health actuary and public health professional. She served as Chief Strategy and Product Officer for GNS Healthcare and as Chief Innovation Officer for Vanguard Health Systems. In roles at Humana, Carol led the Innovation Center’s research where we pioneered Humana’s use of sophisticated analytics to build a portfolio of predictive, knowledge discovery, and simulation models. She also launched Humana’s personalized medicine innovations and led their Health Services Research Center (HSRC). In other roles at Humana, Carol served as Chief Information Officer and as VP of Pharmacy Management.

In policy and advisory roles, Carol served a four-year term on the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics and as co-chair of its Quality Workgroup; as a member of the HSRC’s governing board; and as an advisor to the High Risk Plaque Scientific Program Board.

Dave DeCaprio, CTO and Co-Founder

(Right) Dave has over 20 years of experience transitioning advanced technology from academic research labs into successful businesses. His experience includes genome research, pharmaceutical development, health insurance, computer vision, sports analytics, speech recognition, transportation logistics, operations research, real time collaboration, robotics, and financial markets.‍

Dave has been involved in several successful startups as well as consulting and advising both small and large organizations on how to innovate using technology with maximum impact. As part of the Human Genome Project, he was responsible for mapping all known biology onto the newly developed genome sequences. At Bluefin Labs, acquired by Twitter in 2014, he helped the founders recruit a team and go from concept to a launch with the NFL in 13 weeks. At GNS Healthcare, he led the development of their first in class causal machine learning platform. Dave graduated from MIT with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and currently lives in Austin, TX.


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