Webinar: How Visual Health Histories Optimize and Humanize – Healthcare Communication

  • 13 Oct 2021
  • 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • Online


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How Visual Health Histories Optimize and Humanize 

Healthcare Communication

Pictal Health


The culture of healthcare is built on words: spoken, written, and typed. But in many cases, words don’t work. They can’t efficiently explain bodily sensations or lifetime journeys; they can’t sufficiently show emotions or trauma. As a result, patients and doctors often don’t understand each other, many patients aren’t getting the right diagnosis and treatment, and doctors are burning out.  

Visuals can help. 

Pictal Health, founded by patient and designer Katie McCurdy, is the first company to help people with rare, complex, and mysterious health issues tell their stories visually – helping them be heard and understood as they work with their doctors.

In this session Katie will share surprising insights about what she has gained from helping over 55 patients visualize their health history and symptoms. She’ll detail the unique types of data she collects and visualizes – data that isn’t found in our health records today – and she’ll discuss how these visuals have helped clinicians and patients alike.  Learn more at katiemccurdy.com and pictalhealth.com.

Lessons to be learned:  

  • Learn why our current means of healthcare communication causes cognitive strain for both patients and doctors
  • Understand why visual health history and symptom communication supports better storytelling and cognition
  • See what kinds of data are vital to a patient’s “whole story”
  • Learn about a unique process of collecting the patient’s whole story that helps them be fully heard   

Speaker: Katie McCurdy, Founder and Designer

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